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    We have always been capable of installing
    your garage doors with mastery and ease
    Garage door Service Shoreline sends an invitation you to browse through its online gallery
    so you can start seeing for yourself the large catalogue of commercial, residential, industrial
    and agricultural garage entryway options and complements we are currently providing. On this selection,
    you will be able to find a large list of view doors and window styles, models, patterns and colors.
  • Garage Door Repair Shoreline
    Garage Doors
    A new garage door it’s a complicated decision to make, since it’s the most visual element
    of the front of your house. If you want to make sure of getting the best, Shoreline Garage
    Doors can help you with their wide selection, and if you do not find the one you were thinking
    of, give us the details of what you thinking of and we will design you your dream garage door
    based on the selection of doors and window styles, colors, hardware, models, dimensions, model
    patterns, and accessories we have. We are here to find you or create you the perfect garage door
  • Shoreline Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Our team at Shoreline Garage Doors is always available for contact when you want to get that damaged
    garage door repaired. In any of the following cases, door off tracks, or having a jammed opener,
    both scenarios are completely solvable, we are able to make it work as if it were brand new.
Garage Door Service in Shoreline: (206) 317-7792

Garage Door Service Shoreline

New Door Installation

Visit us, if you want to find out more about our big selection of materials and style for garage doors and select the one you feel it’s the indicated for you

Garage Door Shoreline, WA

New Opener Installation

The members at Shoreline Garage Doors have earned the reputation of installing the latest garage door openers for your gates. Chain driven, belt driven and shaft driven openers can all be found with our company. Remote systems and wireless access control systems are available for you on our inventory as well.

Garage Door Service Shoreline

Garage Door Repair Shoreline

A 24/7 garage door repair service is always available in the area of Shoreline. If you are currently facing hard times with your garage door or its rails, openers, remotes or its access control system give us a call once you notice the problem so we can start working on it

Shoreline Garage Doors

If what you want are talented working men, with years of experience in garage door services, our specialists are the ones for you at Shoreline Garage Doors, once we get the details of the job, a completely free quote will get to you. New garage doors, repairs, services or installation can all be found at our company. The most skilled individuals are the ones that will repair or install your garage door system. Give us a visit to our commercial offices or check our website to get to know more about garage door models, materials, rail systems, styles, garage door openers, remotes and our specialized systems aimed to commercial or industrial locations. We are aware of how valuable security, privacy and comfort are for you and your family. That’s why we make certain you feel completely safe with the highly automated and trustable garage doors. Shoreline garage doors is the company with the biggest inventory in the latest trends of automated garage door opener systems in the market, the security options for your garage with its different styles and materials are our way of making you safe.

If you are trying to give a new the look to your door, or it just has come the moment to change that old rail system, Shoreline Garage Doors, is the one to do the job, we are able to replace any door, repair any springs, replace frayed cables, or to get the doors back on track. Remotes are available for your garage door as well in case you need them.

Shoreline Garage Doors always adjusts to your requirements. Manufacturing and periodic maintenance of your garage doors are just two of the many the services available. We are capable of more, even getting a smile of satisfaction with the most exigent client. Customer satisfaction is the pillar of our company.

We know that you have to check first your financial circumstances in order to take your decision, that’s the reason we have variety in prices and materials, since Shoreline Garage Doors it’s also a manufacturer

There will always be a full warranty, free of charges, over all of the services performed by us and all of the products you buy at our company, this warranty is made to respond you with a complete repair in case you are having a problem with your new installed doors or devices.

High-quality materials for garage doors from the most well-known garage door producers in the country are the only available thing at our company. Stop worrying about quality or style since the big catalogue we have of wooden doors offer that classic look and patterns you’ve always wanted. If what concerns you is the weight or resistance of the door, the steel or aluminum doors are most the recommendable options.

Thermal resistance and insulation can be adapted to your doors. We adjust our work with the minimum insulation standards recommended for most homes. Our experts can pay you a visit to inspect your residence or commerce venue and give you advice with detailed information about what closure or insulation solutions your house needs, or also, the materials, installation costs, opener system, and preventive services that are available at the moment. Pay attention to what our experts in garage door installation have to say, make reasonable decisions and save some money when purchasing or repairing your garage door

Garage Door Service in Shoreline

Who we are

Shoreline Garage Doors professionals are up to date with latest trends of garage door technologies in the market at the moment. These trends are inclined to security, so they can make the community, all of the Shoreline area, safer and better.


Our jobs are only done with the best and latest materials in the market. We are versed in installing classy and beautiful wooden doors or lighter but resistant steel doors. Lighter materials such as aluminum and fiber can also be used for doors.


Thermal insulation is a subject we know everything there is to be known. Our doors can be modified or be adapted with insulation materials to achieve the maximum thermal containment.


Openers in many styles and kinds are offered for your garage doors. From the quiet belt driven openers to the strong chain driven openers. They are all completely capable of lifting the heaviest garage door. In case of an unusual event, power suppliers are going to be needed, lucky for you, they are also offered at our company.

Affordable Service

We make sure you only install and pay what is needed, we always have good prices.

Reliable Services

We know your time is really valuable. We will be there right after you call us

Professional Services

Our technicians are completely qualified and skilled  for the job they are doing

Clients Testimonials

  • John Coleman

    My family and I are really service with Shoreline Garage Doors performance at our house. The installing of our brand new garage door opened looked like as it took only minutes. They did an extraordinary job! I would recommend them to anyone that wants to install a new garage door or wants their old one to be repaired.

  • Douglas Smith

    I thought that installing a garage door could take an eternity, but the specialists of Shoreline Garage Doors taught me I was wrong. They did it in the blinking of an eye. One of the most responsible and professionals companies in the Shoreline area. Highly recommendable.

  • Barbara Mavic

    I used to have very old garage door opener. At the moment all I could think of was replacing it, but the Shoreline Garage Doors explained to me that it wasn’t necessary, only a small repair was needed. They are honest reliable people.

Our Basic Services

Shoreline Garage Doors provides you all the services related to garage doors. Our team always works along the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and it focus to get the job done in the most proper way in the quickest time, we don’t want you to call more than once to solve your problem. Here are our three main areas of domain:

Garage Door Repair Shoreline

Shoreline Garage Door Installation

We can install any size or kind of garage door. We can start the installations of openers that best adjust to your requirements, including, but not limited to: access control systems, remote controls and photocells are also available for installation. Also many types of materials, styles and systems are available.

Shoreline Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Try to avoid that your garage door gets jammed or broken. It’s complicated situation that can bring you even more problems. Our scheduled garage door services were made to keep your gates working correctly. We don’t want you to have a headache with your broken garage door.

Shoreline, WA Shoreline Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Shoreline

Use our express repair services and don’t wait for days for your garage door to be broken or damaged.  We are equally capable of fixing openers, broken springs and doors off of their tracks.  Only our best tools and replacement parts are brought where we need to get the job done.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Don’t wait anymore. Use the form shown below or the phone number located at your right side and start calling our staff, our company will happily solve all your doubts and will get to you directly. Finally, once we know the details of the job you need and want us to perform, a transparent quote contemplating all of your requirements will be sent back to you.

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